Sunday, September 22, 2013

Animals Fan

Aqil loves animals. His last bid was in favour of kittens brought to school by one of the teachers.

"Ibu, do you like cats?"

Sensing there's a catch in that somewhat innocent question, all my build-in alarm systems started giving me a warm amber glow. I could swear I heard siren as well!

"I do but only if they are owned by other people. We cannot afford anymore pets after the bunnies."

"But these kittens are so... cute, I am sure you will love them."

"The answer is no sweetheart. And that's final."

"Oh...ok. But if we have more money, can we have a cat?"

"Not until you are responsible enough to take care of them. See what happened to the bunnies? They are yours and Mia's but it's always either me or Hakim or even your Dad cleaning after them and feeding them. Nope."

So the matter rest.

But during one of our impromptu Open House visits (we were at the beach when a friend invited us to their Open House - he said it doesn't matter if we are not in our Eid attire. So there!

And it was so much fun for Aqil as it happened, our friend has a brother who keeps goats. And so....

Hmm.... Trying the best approach...

Aha! Got that one!


Well, before there be another innocent question on goats, I have some explanations to do....!

Happy Saturday Everyone :D

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Sports Day"

After days (or shall I say, months) of practicing, finally today is the Sports Day at Damia's and Aqil's school.

Unsure of how the system is for other schools but at their school, the students are divided into two levels. Level 1 for Year 1, 2 and 3 and Level 2 for Year 4, 5 and 6. Such, today is the Sports Day or more to tele-match for Level 1 students.

So, off we went to their school together with throngs of other parents promising ourselves to be as supportive and gentlemanly to the eager youngsters.

Aqil waiting or his turn.

His Blue Team managed to get a second place.

A proud winner.

Once Aqil's event is done, it's his cousin Erwin's turn.

Erwin getting ready.

Erwin in action.

His team managed to get the third place. They were two members down and two of them including him has to go twice.
Unfortunately for him, the table tennis ball fell off from his spoon twice. But he is a good sport, Erwin.

Up till this point, my husband, Erwin's parents and auntie are here with me. But since they have commitments, I was left alone to support Mia. I guessed I will be a while yet as Year 3 has yet to start their event. Anyway, I managed to gather a few of her friends for a photo shoot.

Damia with the her friends Aireen, Azhira, Ain Sofea and Aida.

Part of the Team

Queuing for the medal

Two very happy Malaysian roses.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Talking through memory lane

We were on our way home from visiting my Mum when the topic of conversation turned to the music scene.
"Hmmm... I hardly listen to any songs by the British singers though the radio here. I haven't heard any Dappy, Little Mix, Ed Sheeran, Olly Murs or even Adele. I heard One Direction once or twice. Maybe because I didn't listen to the radio often enough..."
"But Ibu, they are not famous here. The American singers are more famous here and Justin Bieber."
And of course one topic lead to another.
"I miss the programmes too! QI, Mock of the Week"
"Yeah... Top Gear, the Richard Hammond thingy,..."
"I miss the Antique Road Trip and the Game show..."
"Yeah... The Cube, £1 Million Drop..."
"Anyone beaten the Cube yet after Mo Farah? I wonder...on Saturdays, we will somehow watch Britain's Got Talent or X Actor whichever in season..."
Suddenly my husband who was driving chipped in.
"And Saturdays Margaret and her sister-in-law will be knocking at our door too... "
"Saturdays also remind me of going to the charity shop. Gary's shop. I still remember asking him once, 'Gary, do you have anymore of Harry Bowling's book?' And the answer came 'whatever I have Darling, have gone to your home...'".
"Yeah... That's Gary..."
And we have a good laugh when we thought about our neighbour's son Ali. Saturdays, I can almost be sure to come down to the kitchen seeing Ali and his brother and sister eating whatever happened to be on our dining table - biscuits, brioche, wafers, fairy cakes,... At first we were not quite sure how they got in but when we checked there was a gap through the hedge dividing the two houses and our sliding door which open out to the back garden was more often left unlocked. And Ali is a very mischievous boy. He will be knocking at our front door many times a day, standing or jumping on top of his Mom's car, running out of the house as soon as his front door is opened. Once it stopped an oncoming car as he ran right across the road! Hmmm... Ali!

On Saturdays too, if I went to work, the children and their father will have their little trips to the Galaxy where the cinema is. Every Saturday they will get the £1 ticket during the Parent and Child screening. The movies are all junior movies but they love them so much.
Well, at the moment, there's a lot more things came into my mind. Guessed I will continue on this some time later. I am feeling quite nostalgic especially
when thinking about friends who are like families whom we left behind... I need my own quiet moment now...

Happy Hari Malaysia :)
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our Little Escapade

More often than not when the weather gets colder, the children chose to stay at home rather than following us out during the weekends. Perhaps they got bored with our routine : Hitchin (our must buy - a few £ worth of flowers and honey roasted cashew) - grocery shopping (Asda/Tesco/Sainsburys) - Oriental Food Centre (in Union Street) - Home. The only variation is if we have some gardening to do and we have to drop by at B&Q.

On this particular slightly drizzling Saturday morning (it was pouring the night before), only Danish wanted to go with us. It started of with us meeting some Malaysians at Hitchin market. They informed us that they have just visited the Lavender Farm and we were like "What? lavender farm? right under our noses?" Hmm...

So, once we bought the flowers and cashew nuts plus browsing at one of our favourite shops (antique items i.e furniture and curiosities), we quickly made our way to the car and started browsing for Hitchin Lavender Farm - thanks to the satnav, we managed to find the location.

Yes! We found it!

As far as you can see it!

How pretty....Subhanallah

The face of someone who was forced "to enjoy
the scenery and drown in the smell" :)

But you see, when we arrived, there was a family with three young children going towards the farm. As there is no sign or anything on entrance fee to the farm, we made our way right behind the young family.

On the way out, we went to the Farm Shop, bought a bottle of lavender oil and a bar of lavender soap. Just as we were leaving we saw it! And we felt guilty : The signage on entrance fee!

Happy Weekend & Hari Malaysia Everyone :)

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