Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Eid Everyone! & Goodbye... (sort of...)

Salam Everyone (:-D

In this entry I would like to wish my Moslem blogger friends a Very Happy 'Eid - a celebrating of us winning the test of Ramadhan so let us not be extravagant in the celebration - we should be thankful instead for being given the opportunity to go through this Ramadhan and going through it better than the previous and let's hope that we will be given this opportunity again next year. For my non-Moslem blogger friends, do join in the celebration too - you are Most Welcome!

And in this entry I would also like to (sort of) say goodbye. Well, Alhamdulillah and InsyaAllah I will be leaving for Scotland this coming 21st September to pursue my further education (the jihad I am talking about earlier). At this age I am not so sure of my "level of absorption" but I hope I can go through it successfully though may not be as smoothly as when I was much younger. Do wish that I can go through it well, ya? (:-D

So, if anyone of you planning to visit Scotland and Dundee is in your itinerary, do drop me a mail, ya? Perhaps we can meet in between classes. Till then...

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