Saturday, February 5, 2011

Of Waiting and Oh.....!!! How Windy!

Waiting is such an agony! And we have been in such agony for 8 weeks -   Not knowing our fate.  Not knowing which way our plan should go - well, it is just that without knowing we just cannot plan or anything - we could not even start to plan anything. Such agony it was! And of course with that kind of 'torture', one just does not feel like adding any entry in one's blog.

Well, we have been waiting for the decision on our visa extension.  And Syukur Alhamdulillah it was approved and we received all our documents plus the permit two days ago. And what a relief that was.  Now we can settle down a bit. We can tell the children that they can expect to continue with school. Hakim has to really start studying and practising for his SAT.  He will be going to Secondary School after the summer term so we hope he can get a satisfying result.  Danish can look forward to move to the new school building in March. That will be a big relief to him as it will only be a 15 minutes walk from home - At least 15 minutes is quite  bearable to walk in the cold windy weather as compared to the 30 minutes walk now - he keeps on convincing me that after 10 minutes he will be warm enough. Well, actually, it's quite true, in fact if you walk fast enough you almost feel like fainting when your body gets warm and you are wearing one too many layers of clothing.  You will start cursing yourself for wearing too many but once it gets windy, you start thanking yourself again for being sensible for wearing a few layers! Hmmm... the weather is that unpredictable! Oh dear me! How do I get to go on about weather now?

Talking about the weather, it is currently very windy here where we live. From the forecast the west south-westerly wind is blowing at 20 - 22 miles per hour. But when you listen to the wind, you worry if the next blow will take your roof away with it and think perhaps it is 40 mph instead! - not to mention the whistles and rattles that managed to wake you up from sleep thinking perhaps someone is seriously breaking into your house.  

I have to wade through to get into the car as I reached the train station just now and when I opened the door it rudely pushed me inside and I really have to get both my legs inside the car as quickly as I can in case, just in case, the fierce wind cut them both off with the help of the car door which became extra heavy! Ohhh! How troublesome!

Anyway, windy or not we have to brave through this weather as we have been braving all the weathers all these while! :-D