Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Right Move?.......Perhaps

Well, I guessed I have a little time today and decided to visit my own blog which has been neglected for quite some time. Yes, as per my last entry, I am now in Dundee slaving myself with classes, books & lectures - perhaps it's a good way to re-start a new beginning (Well,if it's true that Life begins at 40, then I guessed I've made the right move ???)

Anyway, we arrived Dundee after quite an "adventurous" journey. Our journey started very early - I woke up at 3.00 a.m. worried if I missed the 5.45 a.m. hired-car which we have booked while we're still in Shah Alam. I packed and re-packed everything to fit our 2 hold-alls, 1 knapsack and 2 sling bags - we're flying to Glasgow Prestwick with Ryanair and the carrier has a strict policy of luggage allowance - each passenger can carry three luggages for check-in but the weight of all three must not be more than 15kg. So, though we have only three "luggages" but they are heavy as they carried some papers and documents I have collected for my dissertation. So, you can imagine how I worked out the formula in order not to be charged with extra weight... until finally I gave up and decided to just pay for whatever the excess going to be.

Our hired-car arrived at 6.00 a.m. and after asking us if we have everything in including the children, whisked us off to Stanstead Airport. And of course! As I predicted we were "Overweight" and though I've made up my mind to pay, I was not prepared when the total excess was 7kg which cost us £105. But, somehow the guy at the counter kindly told me in a whisper he'll only charge me £90. Well, OK. After paying my penalty, we were given our boarding passes. And we relaxed a little and trying to enjoy the flight.

Now, when we reached Prestwick, we found out that the Buchanan Bus Station where the Bus which will bring us to Dundee is located, is in the city of Glasgow - and that's about 40 minutes by bus or 30 minutes by train. So, we made our way to the train station after buying some snacks - actually it was quite embarrassing when your children kept on coming to you with different snack at a time asking "Is this halal, Ibu?".

And guess what? The train which supposed to bring us to Glasgow City Centre did not turn up on time. So, we missed the bus that will take us to Dundee Seagate Bus Station. We ended paying another £47 for new tickets. The one that we missed cost us only £18(on-line price - actually everything here is very much cheaper through on-line transaction including electricity bill).

Our bus journey from Glasgow to Dundee was a very pleasant one. The scenery is awesome and the children, tired by this time sat quietly. And as I turned my head to the seat beside me, I met a very peculiar scene.... Yes!!!!After all these years, during our travels other than by car, I finally saw my husband reading!!! Hmmm...Amazing!

When we arrived at Dundee Seagate Bus Station we were almost immediately met by Taufik (we have been in contact with him & his wife since we're still in Malaysia, thanks to Mahzan of "Ini Jalan Yang Kupilih" - Taufik was also responsible in finding our flat and ensuring that we can immediately occupy the house - Thank you Very Much Taufik & Aeni and of course the Kommuniti Melayu Dundee (Ustaz Amin, Ustaz Lutfi, Zaquan, Mahadi, Shi, Khamshah, Ika(2), Nor, Ina, Zul, Mahmud, Fa, Alia, Liana(2)and so many others - sorry kalau nama tak tersebut but you know who you are, right?) who have been very kind and friendly and welcoming. Thank you so very much. Hopefully all of us will make our journey here a success.

Oh yes, let me just leave you guys with the view from my kitchen window. Till then (:-D