Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Simply Stories

Last year while rummaging through the books which were for sale at 20p each at Menzieshill Library in Dundee, I came across books written by Ms Read.  But juggling between classes and exams and completing my dissertation, I didn't really get into reading them.  And as soon as I submitted my dissertation, we were already packing our things to move south, and my husband with his good intention, sent most of the books (the children's story books, novels) to the Charity Collection Centre - well, coming to think about it, not just books but clothes and shoes as well - my poor boots - well, if you have been following my blog, you will know that I am so fond of boots.  He really defined travelling light very well. So, light indeed our journey south was - that we need to buy almost everything back!!

Anyway, now one of my favourite pastimes (which is hard to come by)  is "visiting" the charity shop closed to where we live.  It carries a lot of books and with a lot of varieties too. Now that I put in at least 10 hours a day at work (plus another two hour journey to and fro), I really am for leisure reading.  Books keep me company during my train and underground rides. And recently I came across Ms Read again. Though not the same collection that I bought earlier, I decided to purchase both "Market Square" and "The Howards of Caxley". Verdict? I like them both.

Actually, when I was much younger, I love crime and mystery books starting with of course Enid Blyton, then Agatha Christie (does not matter what others think of them but I do like Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple), a bit of Ngaio Marsh (my favourite is the "Scales of Justice"), then I followed every John Grisham's books up until "Skipping Christmas". Along the way, I tried Danielle Steel starting with "The Promise" but two of my favourites are "The Message from Nam" and "Wanderlust".  There was also a Sidney Sheldon's season - the first being "The Other Side of Midnight" up till "Tell Me Your Dreams". Next Jeffrey Archer (I like his short stories collections); then Paul Coelho.  In came Sophie Kinsella with her "Secret Dreamworld of A Shophaholic" and the string of the Shopaholic series  - well, I also enjoy her stand alone novel especially "The Twenties Girl". Next, Alexander McCall Smith with his "No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" series.   I also followed his "44 Scotland Street" and the "Isabel Dalhousie Mystery" series though not as completely as the The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency. I also fell in love with Jordan Lacey series by Stella Whitelaw.  I have read all but "Fold and Die". And somehow, I came across Katie Fforde - I still have two of her books which I have yet to finish reading - "Life Skills" and "Love Letters" - I guess I am a country girl at heart - most of her books which I read were set in a country.... Oh my Goodness! Where was I? Hmm.. I was about to share something about Ms Read books wasn't !? Hmm... old age is catching up! I really forgotten what I was about to share with you just now..... tell you what, I will, when I remember.... Have a good week ahead :-D