Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan Mubarak (:-D

Salam to Everyone (:-D

Wishing you Ramadhan Mubarak. May this Ramadhan brings us more Blessings and May we be a much much better person. Hopefully we can perform more Ibadah and the Al-Mighty gives us the Strength, Energy & Patience to go through His "Test" with Grace.

And of course, I will leave all of you with some flowers - this time the iceberg roses. Enjoy ya!

Source of image : Iceberg roses from The other image is from my own collection.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Water... oh Water....

It has been quite some time before I add a new entry to this blog. And my son has finally managed to try his hand at blogging. Thank you for the comments - Trust me! He is soo... looking forward for comments made to his debut. And thank you so much for asking how I am doing. Well, I'm alive though not kicking - I have yet to have the energy to do any back-flip and triple somersaults but yes! I am happily regaining my health. Though the reason why I was hospitalised is quite embarrassing for me to mention, let me just say that I was badly dehydrated.

So, my advise to everyone is please take at least 8 glasses of water (WATER, ok? Not tea, coffee, cham, ipoh white coffee, etc., but the simple, plain water). It is Ok to have tea or coffee, etc., but please do not forget the good dose of plain water. In my case, I was advised to drink at least a good jug of plain water everyday. Well, to be frank, I am no fan of plain water. But, the pain and discomfort that I endured "those fateful days" made me more than willing to follow the regime day after day. I am just glad that my ultrasound revealed that there is no abnormalities in my liver (no focal lesions), gallbladder (no gallstone or polyp & no GB wall thickening), bile ducts (not dilated), kidneys (no stone, mass or hydronephrosis in either), pancreas and paraaortic areas. Indeed, I am happy (:-D

(Sources of images : water from; abdomen from www.the