Monday, June 8, 2009

Thank You Kindly (:-D

Hmmm... it has been a few weeks since my last entry. However, I am so touched when my dearest blogger friends are still visiting my blog. Thank you kindly and I really appreciate your comments and advises especially on my last entry.

Oh yes, Thank you idzni64 for visiting (:-D).

And Bluesman, I will make it a point to visit the website soon.

Yes, kbguy - at least you can recall after some time (:-D but for me,... well, I'm trying to improve myself. Last week I haven't forgot anything that's cooking though I'm cooking while sweeping and mopping the floor. So, that's an improvement.

DrSam, hopefully I don't have to go through that - actually there's one occasion when we just have Aqil. We have everything ready in the car including my 3 children. I locked the front door and the front gate. Then as we settled ourselves comfortably in the car, we suddenly felt that there's something missing. Goodness! We left Aqil in the house. And I rushed out to get him - but that is because we are not used to having him yet, I supposed. (:-D).

DrZue & Ida, hopefully we can train our little grey cell to be more organised, ya? (:-D)

Arsaili & Idzni64, thank you for your suggestions - nowadays, my eldest will be the last out. He'll be checking that all plugs are out of their respective sockets except for the fridge and that the stove is clear.

Zedmagel - Thank you for asking. I'm back (:-D)

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