Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last Weekend

It was a very fine Saturday last weekend. The weather was really really good and since I decided not to go to work, we have quite a fun Saturday together.

Since moving down here, our Saturdays were no longer filled with trips to the farms or sea side like we always did when we were in Dundee. Anyway, after reading from the newspaper a fruit farm located around 30 minutes from where we stay started opening its door for strawberry picking - so, we decided to check it out. And what fun it was! For not only the fruit farm also has an adjoining area for car boot sales, it has a good size play area as well - of course the children are overwhelmed! So, let me just share some of our photos!

Ready for a good harvest. But where are the others? Well, they never learn that you can get good strawberries at the nearer plot. Even in this case, they always thought that the grass is greener in the farther field - in this case, the strawberries are redder at the farther plots

Post harvest

Farm Worker - under protest?!

Danish! How do I get down?!!!

Hmm.... Not a high as I imagined!...

Where do I go now, Danish?

All four in the various stages

Here I go...!


Join us Mumsie!

Kids and climbing goes hand in hand.....

So, where are the parents? Just waiting while enjoying the strawberries?... Hmm.... no wonder the abdomens are getting bigger!

We are on top of the world!

Nope! This is not the Statue on top of the Empire States Building! Nor a participant of the Olympic run

Busy up there? What? congestion? Hmmm....

Well, it is just a few hay.....

When we reached home, still with the fruit-picking spirit, the children asked their father if they can pick the cherries to which their father succumbed to.  Well, the photo below, though it looks like we are nicking the neighbour's cherries, we're not! Take a careful look of where the tree is. It is our side of the fence. It is ours - errr... our Landlord's actually - but mind you, we were given the permission.  You see, there are more ripe cherries at the branches where it grows to the neighbour's side of the fence.

Father & son team - trying their hardest for a good harvest! It is dangerous for the Father to climb the ladder and "rest" against the fence. Err.... let's just say, it is not good for his health - such the service of the Son was very much required.

Why do you have to go to the other side?

So, these are the result of our pickings last Saturday.  And in case you wonder what become of the strawberries? Well, here it is ....

Turned into Strawberry Cheesecake

Care for some? :-D

Hope you have enjoyed your Saturday like we did! Sunday? Well, that'll be a different story....Cheers!