Thursday, June 20, 2013

Salam... And Greetings again...and My Apology too...

Oh Dear!Oh Dear!Oh Dear!
Ooooooh Dear!

It's been above a year now since my last entry! And I just have a peep of this sort of 'long forgotten' blog of mine. And there were messages of which I haven't replied to. And I owe an apology - a huge one especially to My Life My World and of course drSam. I am so......... sorry for not responding. As it is, it has been a long time before I stepped into this blog world of mine. You accept my apology? Please? Pretty please...! I hope it is accepted.

By the way, I am now back in country. Most probably for good but I cannot be too sure yet. Well, it is a mixed feelings actually. It feels good to be in the embrace of loving families but somehow, there is a part that seems, how shall I put it, hmmm.... perhaps... strange.  Maybe I am not fully settled yet.

But, regardless of how I feel,  I really am enjoying the food. Oh food.... Glorious food... it has been so good to queue at McDonalds ordering hotdog or chicken without having to check whether it is halal or kosher and having to check which body certified the outlet as halal... it is in itself a pleasure! When my brother-in-law asked Aqil to choose between McDonalds and KFC, the first question that Aqil asked him back was "are they Halal?"

The children had started schooling. It is a pity for Danish as he has to really work the hardest for PMR. He was quite disheartened to learn that for Kemahiran Hidup, the grades are accumulated from the 1st form - well, I am just hoping he is doing his best. It is most worrying when his Bahasa Malaysia is not as good as when we left 4 years ago - and pity the younger children too as BM is getting so difficult nowadays. Even the terms are not quite so familiar anymore. I just got to know that kosakata is actually vocabulary, frasa is phrase and many more. I won't stand a chance if I were to sit for BM paper nowadays. Pity the children.... Anyway, we managed to send him for tuition for BM - you see, every time he asked me to check his karangan (composition) I feel like "committing suicide"  - I am not is bad. So, it became as a shock to us when he managed an "A" for BM - never mind if it is a weak A for it managed to boost his confidence.

As for Hakim, he got away with tests/exams as with the new KBSM there is no more PMR, SPM whatsoever. To my embarrassment, I missed the briefing on KBSM last Saturday (well, as I said much2x earlier I am not an early riser and the briefing starts at 8.00 am!). But through my reading, I think it is going to be somewhat similar to the GCSE in the UK though I have yet to see any Bands. Anyway, I will pay a visit to his Dear teacher soon. Somehow I am not quite seeing so free without any thoughts of exams - an evil Mum am I not?

Mia has a lot of catching up to do. She doesn't like school. She said it is such a bore. Please don't get it wrong. Due to language barrier, she doesn't understand most of the lessons. Unfortunately for her, lessons are all in Bahasa Malaysia now even for Math and Science - no more bilingual option. So, we have been going through sample questions for most lesson with her poor Mummy translating most words. Well, till now we still persevere....

Quite surprisingly Aqil is doing well. It surprised us when he go through school smoothly. Perhaps it is true what I heard earlier - transition is always easiest for the youngest! Anyway, having said that,next Monday I have to go for his and Mia's Open Day at school. Then I will really know how they are getting along...oh... How I fear what is coming.... Anyway, I gotta be brave..huaaaa...