Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Aqil's Story

Among all my children, Aqil is the one who would want to achieve something at school and to get a gift from his effort. He always want to be something. Since he knew about a position called class monitor, asst. class monitor and prefect, he wanted to be them all. The other day, when he was at my Mum's place he found my name tag - Yeap! My prefect name tag when I was at school many moons ago (that long???!) - he was like "What? You are a prefect? How come you never tell me about this before?" As if I owe it to him to tell him everything! "I don't have to tell you everything..." I said. "But this is different! You are a Prefect!" - like it is the only thing that matters - he must be kidding me!

"How did you get to be a prefect?"

Oh c'mon! Is he real? I am sometimes amazed with my own kids!

"The teachers chose us. Then the whole school voted. That's how."

"Are they going to do the same at my school?"

"I think each school has its own way of choosing their prefects. Anyway, I don't think there will be any elected from Year 2. (He is going to be in Year 2 this coming school year).

"When can I be a prefect?" Now I almost feel it for him. I think he is going to make it a mission now.

"Maybe until you are in Year 4 or 5?"

"That's a long way yet."

"Yes Darling. Perhaps you just try your best to be a good student first."

That kept him quiet for a bit.

"How come you only put Danish's story in your blog? I received a gift too this year. From school."

Ok Sweetheart. I am putting yours now.