Sunday, February 19, 2012

One Night in Winter

February 4th, 2012

4.30 in the afternoon, we were on our way to Derby after leaving all the children at a friend's house.  It was a birthday celebration of another good friend and we have planned to go from the beginning and what more we have a couple of friends going with us.

Our way north started quite pleasant in the beginning. Fifteen minutes into the journey Brother Ahmad pointed out, "See, the cloud over there? It looks so heavy, it will be snowing shortly."

"It was predicted to snow by 5 p.m today."

"Oh yes it will."  So, around 40 past 4, it started snowing, the soft rainy like like snow and by the time we pulled up at one of the Motorway Service Area around Northampton, it was full-blown snowing.

And by the time we reached Derby Convention Centre, it was Winter Wonderland.  The Birthday celebration itself goes well with of course great food.  We were entertained by a duo doing the ABBA numbers - it was a very pleasant evening! (Thank you Kak Intan & David - Many Happy Returns, David!)

When we started back it was still snowing and we have to make our way very slowly.  A few cars skidded making us more careful and determined to arrive home safely - between us, we have 5 children to come home to.

It was a bright white night when we reached Luton - Bro ahmad & Kak Yati tried to convince us to stay at their place for the night but since Mi was quite confident of getting us home, we thanked them and make our way.

Unfortunately for us, the journey home was not so smooth.

It was uphill where we live.  Half way, the car just cannot pull through.  So, we have to park the car by the roadside and make our way walking in the snow with our feet splashed sploshing deep in the newly fallen snow.  What a sight we must be.  A pair of parents with 4 young children walking in the snow in the wee hour of the morning.  Fortunately none of the children complaint.

"I know I wish for it to snow, but not this much snow..." said Mia

"But all of you always want adventure.  This is adventure!" I said

"OK then.  Snowball fight?"

You never know which way it may go with children. So we walked all the 1 plus miles home and it was not a night for us.  For we have to fight the cold that night - our heater just not working!

Happy Weekends Everyone :-D

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mummy & Son Talk

Aqil celebrated his 6th birthday on Jan 27th.

The night before his birthday, during our snuggling time before sending him to sleep, he asked me one question, which of course led to another.

"Mummy, how old is Danish when I am 13?"

"He'll be 21."

"When I am 20?"

"He'll be 28."

"When I am 52?"

"He'll be 60"

"When I am 68?"

"He'll be 76."

"Will you still be around when I am 76?"

"I am afraid, Darling,  I will be long gone when you are 76."


"He'll be 84.  Maybe he's still around but we never know, Darling.   Only God knows..."

"Then who is going to take care of me if both of you are not around?"

At this point I was already in the brink of laughing. But, before I could say anything, he continued.

"Never mind, it's alright! I will go to your Mum.  She lives alone.  I will join her.  Surely she will take care of me. She loves me."

And I was like, if I am long gone by then, for sure my Mum won't be around....

Anyway, I just told him.

"It's alright, Darling... When you are 76, you will have your own family to take care of you. But, if none of then are willing, just register yourself at any of the Retirement homes... they have a lot of facilities and support there, but, I tell you what, you will be alright..."

"Ok Mum..." and he was asleep not long after that.

Well, .... I cannot comment much, can I? When I told my Mum, she was laughing, saying,  "At least, even though we are far from each other now, he is aware that I love him.

All of us love you, too. :-D