Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Beginning of 2nd Phase....

Dear All,

In the last entry I mentioned about being offered a job and having to move away from Dundee. Well,  I have started working last Friday. I submitted my dissertation on August 20th and what a chaotic life I have had since!  Our life is out of the normal rhythm! Packing after packing - I believe in travelling light - I do not like everything strewn everywhere in the car - so, what we did was post everything to our temporary lodging. We also have to clean the house upside down and in between, allow viewings by the interested parties - hopefully the house has a confirmed tenant by now. It is chaos but somehow we managed. Oh yes, I haven't tell you where yet? Hmm.... it's London - the Metropolitan City of London and my office is situated right in the heart of Central London itself. It is nothing lucrative mind you, but somehow the pay will make us go by and if I am careful enough, I may be able to save some towards my studying funds - oh yes! I am planning to pursue my PhD in these 2-3 years time. Hopefully, if I can managed the funds.

Having lived in Dundee for the past year and in Shah Alam many years before, London and its surrounding areas "scare" me! The part of Dundee and Shah Alam that I lived in are very peaceful - so serene and quite - I am just not used to the exciting, vibrant, colourful city - I don't think I will anyway. But I will try to take it in one at a time though it is so stressful! Yesterday, we went to Uxbridge , West Drayton and Slough to look for a place to rent. Luckily, these places are quiet and a bit like Dundee - Uxbridge especially. In and out the letting agents office we went but there is none available for us at the moment - it is quite difficult as there are 6 of us and we have to find a 3 double bedroom house, close to school both primary & secondary, close to tube station or links for my travel to work everyday, if possible, close to masjid (no, I am not kidding!). You may think these requirements are too much but no! Here, people are particular about being comfortable - so, it is not that we do not want to rent a two-bedroom house or flat or apartment but we are not allowed as we have four children. Flats & apartments - A BIG NO - most landlords do not allow that for families with more than one child. Just wish us luck, ok? I cannot wait to have a place of our own and settle down! At least it will be a bit easier - knowing that I can come home to our own place every evening.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

How The Time Flies!

Oh please! Oh please! Give me the strength to go through all these! It's nearly a year since we arrived here in Dundee. Things fly since. I almost complete my PG Degree (except that I am struggling - to be frank in between sanity and not quite - to complete my dissertation - By now, I guess everyone who has been following my blog must have felt that they want to throw out at my mentioning the "D" word. Anyway, it is a huge part of my waking life and also a huge part of my life when I am not - it is my worst nightmare at the moment! It is also the huge part of whether I can graduate with distinction or not, never mind my score for the exams! Hope you understand why it is consuming my life by now. Somehow, Ramadhan is here and it is a Blessing with capital "B" as I can continue working without having to cook - really. We break our fast at the Masjid.

There is a lot happening at the moment other than having to fast for 20 hours (which is ok - nobody eats too much and everybody prays, participate in Tadarus and perform their Tarawikh - so, it is a very beautiful Ramadhan as far as I am concerned). A few weeks ago, I received a job offer (Alhamdulillah) - and as the job requires me to report latest by September 1, I will again have to move my family to yet another place - yes, I have to leave before the month ends (sorry, I am not telling where yet) and that requires more actions from my side - Notice of termination to the Agent, getting the house ready for viewing, looking out for a property to rent around the area where I will be working - which is getting rather frustrating as those we were interested in (and more importantly within our meagre budget!) were taken even though it was stamped as "Just Added" in the advertisement. Oh Al Mighty, Giveth us the strength and patience to go through all this. Amin...And am I glad that my husband had resigned from his slaughtering job. At least there are two of us thinking about the many things to do within these two weeks. If left to me alone, I may "die standing" - as the saying goes!

And my two elder boys have started their own blog. Even Mia asked if she can start one too! But I asked her to sharpen her spelling skill first - well, at least in my definition, having a blog is to share one thoughts, ramblings, stories, etc,... - how to go about sharing if the spelling is not understood (I supposed those who have been reading this blog have become familiar of Mia's writing skill).

Today, my husband decided to clear the cloakroom - here, we were required to clear the house and leave it as we receive it. So, looking at the two elder children helping their father clearing everything out, the two younger asked Hakim why. And Hakim, being Hakim, answered "we are moving out".

I didn't take any notice of what the younger two were doing after that until when I see them again, they have changed into their going out gears, each with a backpack and a teddy bear with Aqil carrying an extra shirt in his hand. Curious of what they were up to, I asked them whether they are playing pretend. And I can't help laughing when they told me they're ready to move out! Oh Goodness Me - Kids.... how innocent they are....So, these are the snaps of them, ready to move out! Till then! Ramadhan Kareem!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadhan Mubarak (:-D

Hopefully it is still not too late to wish everyone Ramadhan Mubarak. May we have all the strength and patience to go through this Ramadhan with a better understanding on this particular Ibadah. For us here, it is a longer time than usual. Our Imsa' is at 1.54 a.m. and breaking at 9.05 p.m - around 20 hours of fasting.

Alhamdulillah, our first day went smoothly though a bit tiring. I am glad that my two elder boys make it through. Yesterday, we were invited to break our fast at Ina & Zahir's house. We had dates, kuih lopis, chicken soup, ayam masak kicap and roast lamb ribs - marvellous! Tonight perhaps we will be breaking our fast at Dundee Mosque.  And proceed with Tarawih.

So, again let us perform this Ibadah with full submission and hopefully it will be the Best Ramadhan ever. Ramadhan Mubarak! :-D

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