Sunday, October 30, 2011

Leaping Salmon

The first time I heard about leaping salmon was many years back when watching National Geographic with my Dad - it is so intriguing watching the salmon fighting its way upstream to spawn and sadly to die as well.  I also remember seeing physical changes to the salmon as it makes its way from the ocean to the spawning ground.

So, during my first Autumn in Dundee when I heard that there are a few spots in Scotland where we can watch leaping salmon, I was so excited but somehow I couldn't make it then.

Anyway, I finally managed to do so last Wednesday (Oct 26, 2011).  And what an experience it was!  Though there are are few spots throughout Scotland, we went to the closest to Dundee. It's at Buchanty Spout somewhere not far from Crieff (What a lovely town it is!). I think it is one of the best kept secret Perthshire ever have. I am still very tired of the journey as such, do enjoy the photos.

The sign to Buchanty Spout

It's an awesome view, trust me!

Our first leaping salmon!

The second!

The view from the bridge

Till then - Enjoy your weekends :-D

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Look who's talking....

Just as I was about to lie down and have my own me time that fine Saturday afternoon, Aqil and Damia rushed into my room.

"Are you married to Baba?" asked Aqil snuggling beside me.

"Of course I am!" I said

He sit up, faced me and said, " If I am a boy and married to a girl and a baby come out, will the baby knows the boy and the girl is married?"

"Ok. I get what you mean..."

"Exactly!That's why I never know if you are married to Baba. I never see it!"

Goodness me! Just what are they learning at school nowadays?

I haven't yet quite getting into responding to him when Damia who pulled herself closer to me started asking.

"Do you love Baba?"

"Yes I do."

"Are you happy with him?"

"Yes, I am."

"Do you know that if you are ever fed-up with him you can divorce him?" (Well, she's asking me this so gently and so full of  innocence.)

I was shocked actually but I simply asked back

"Will you define divorce for me, please."

"When a party brought a flower to another party and say I'm sorry, and the other party who supposed to answer said No, then you get a divorce." She responded triumphantly. I don't know if I have to cry or to laugh - I mean seriously!

Oh my Dear God! What are these young children exposed to nowadays? Is it simply freedom of speech? I can't remember discussing marriage or divorce with my parents when I was 5 or 7 - I don't even think about these words. And I can't imagine what trouble I will get into if I do ask these or even suggest these topics when I were at that age!

Anyway, I am very glad that I didn't faint that day. Is it because we are lenient with our children that they know they can discuss anything with their parents. That reminds me of what happened a week ago.  I was in the kitchen with my husband preparing lunch when I asked my eldest to go to the shop and get me a copy of the "People's Friend" magazine - oh yes, call me whatever you like but I love this magazine. 10 minutes later he pushed open the kitchen door, magazine in hand in what I can described as shock and anger, "Oh my Goodness!I think I lost my virginity!" Both my husband and I were so shocked we cannot respond immediately.

"You're gone for 10 minutes and lost your virginity?! What happened?" I finally asked when I finally found my voice - better be an explanation.

"There no People's Friend at the Cooperative so I went to Nisa! I was flipping through the magazine, yeah, and not one! but two! Can you imagine? Two magazines with topless women as cover! Oh my God!" he rushed the words with one breath in pure disgraced.

Oh Dear! One of these days both my husbands and I are seriously in for heart attack!  I'm not entirely sure nowadays which is more shocking - to be a child or a parent. At times, I felt so exhausted by these children, I started to wonder if they are really mine? Ours?

Anyway, in case you are wondering about Damia's suggestion, my husband and I are still very much in love with each other. You can ask him. He's beside me now.

Till then :-D

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ramblings ........ Oh No!

Salam & Great Evening Everyone :-D

Again, it is a very long while before I am here again but Thank you Kindly, for those who visit this space of mine.  Today, I reached home early - not because I turned over new leaf like it's my new resolution or anything but because I have to attend my daughter's Parents' Evening.  Since my husband works evening, I have no choice but to go - at least before the teacher thought that my daughter has no Mum! Damia joined this school on September 5 this year and I have never been to her morning coffee, assembly, etc,.. So, today is the first for me to meet her class teacher - Mrs W.

My slot was set at 5.30 p.m.  So, in order not to be late I left the office at 3.15 p.m - acting like the irresponsible employee who couldn't care less if she meets the deadline (that's on the surface - deep down, my mind was in turmoil!). The first part of my journey - by underground from Hyde Park Corner to King's Cross St Pancras went well.  As I stepped into the National Railway station, there was a lot of people waiting and queuing! My heart skipped a beat! Not again! The train to Bedford is delayed due to signalling problem! Gladly, after about 15 minutes, the train finally approached.  And 15 minutes later it stopped! This can't be happening! Not on the day when I was about to meet my daughter's teacher! I was getting very restless when the train was moving again! Thank Goodness!

Well, you see, I am the kind of person who should not be left alone without anything to do.  Such, I always carry a book with me so I can read during my train journey. Now, as it happened, I didn't carry any book at all. Not even a note book to write something on.  Reason behind this is, other than my love for reading and so-called vocabulary enriching, to stop my mind from wandering.

You see, as I don't have anything to do - though I did try to close my eyes to catch up on sleep - forget it! after 3 minutes, pretending to sleep can be very tiring - so, my mind started wandering.  It is already 4.18 and I haven't even reached St Albans yet... Hmm... and the bus interval to where I stay is every half hour. Oh Dear! Looks like I don't have time to fetch Mia from home.  Maybe I can just turn-up on my own - put up a string of apologies to the teacher for not having time to get my daughter in order to keep my 5.30 slot? Another thought comes to mind - what if Mrs W is not convinced that I am Mia's Mum? And she refused to discuss Mia's development at school with me? What if she thinks that I am an impersonator? What if she thinks that the real Mia's Mum paid me to go instead of turning up herself? I mean just in case Mia is doing very badly at school.  To help ease my mind, I text my husband - as usual there's no reply. So I text my friend at the office, " Is it alright to turn up without my daughter?". "It's ok." came the reply. "Won't the teacher thought I am an impersonator or paid to go?" I asked. "Actually I have never been. Not sure!" You should by now why I love my friend/s! :-D

Just as I was trying to figure out what to say to the teacher, there was an incoming text - just a simple "Yes" from my husband. Oh Dear! At the rate the train is going I can say goodbye to my 5.30 slot. But somehow, by some twist of luck - more likely just trying my patience, I managed to arrive at Luton Station at around 4.30. I rushed out, walking like a madman (madwomen in my case!) to the bus stop. But, you see, the short cut to the bus stop is through a shopping mall. And woman being woman - though I was hard pushed I managed to dropped by Boots to purchase 2 concealers - I know you must thing that I am mad! For that few moments at Boots, I was.

Not a few steps after I left Boots, my phone rang - Oh no! My home no!
"Mum, where are you?" came the voice of my eldest.
"I am on my way to the bus stop, Darling! Why?"
"You know your slot is at 5.30, right?"
"Yes Darling. Why?"
"Well, it's 5 to, now. you better be quick." like he knows of his Mum's detour!
"OK. I am running now - there's a bus at 2 past! I'll be there Darling. Just tell Damia to get ready, OK?"
And I was running - I mean really running like my-life-depend-on-it kind of running! Especially when I saw the bus was about ready to leave. I made it somehow! By the skin of my teeth!

Maybe, it is good for you to know that both Damia and I managed to make our slot.  I won't discuss in detail what Mrs W informed me about my daughter but she said I should be extremely proud of her. And for Maths, she is doing Year 4 work despite being a Year 3. Well, I just hope she keeps up the good work!

Till then :-D