Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Dear Aqil

Aqil gained weight since we came back. Not just a bit but a lot. From a skinny curly haired boy to a .... well, how should I put it in the most subtle manner... Hmm... how about a little ... maybe the following pictures can help.

We're not really sure how it started. Suddenly he became bigger - bloating? Well, I started checking his weight/height statistic to ensure that he is not obese. Gladly he is not.

But what I am going to tell you is not about him being obese. All the while I thought only his Dad and I are worried about his weight. How wrong I was. What I heard yesterday opened my eyes that the 'Aqil's problem' is a family concern.

Damia : Aqil, you shouldn't be hungry again. We have just eaten.

Aqil : But I am hungry...

Damia : You are growing fatter and fatter Aqil. You have to control eating.

Baba : You should fast tomorrow.

Damia : If you do not want to fast, you should go jogging, do some exercises

Aqil : (quiet)

Damia : You should be able to run at least once around the house. But look at
you, you can't even run or exercise for 5 minutes when I asked you...

Oh Dear, I didn't realised that Mia is so worried about his brother until yesterday.

Something surely need to be done about Aqil.

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  1. Dia sangat comel bila berisi ... hehehe

  2. Tapi dia kena Tarik nafas dalam2 sebelum boleh zipkan seluar. Hikhikhik...:)