Thursday, December 19, 2013

Setting It!

Since early this week, I was feeling unsettled. I tried to do my work but my mind wanders elsewhere. I am not always like this. Ooh...! The agony of waiting!

Some time in August this year I wrote an entry on how worried Danish is about sitting for PMR. To be honest, I worried more than he does. Once it was made known that the result will be out on December 19, I had butterflies in my stomach...

There's nothing else we can do. It was over and done with. For sure the result will be parallel to the amount of work put into it - simple logic. Of course with the AlMighty's Blessings.

So, on the way to school to fetch his result this morning, I suddenly felt a little emotional - hmmm... I remembered how hard he works for his exams, I cannot bear thinking of how disappointed he will be if his result is not as he had hoped for. So, I told him, "Danish, just remember one thing. Whatever the result is, we still love you so... much. Don't you ever think that we will be disappointed or sad, ok? (What can we expect when he has so little time to prepare..)".

"Yes Danish. We love you so... much." His father chipped in.

So, when the Headmistress was saying, "35 getting straight As this year. 23 last year". I was like, "ok..." I don't even dare to have a slightest hope! I felt so.. much for my son.

Then, all us parents were invited into the Hall. The Headmistress will be announcing the 35 names. I sat quietly in my corner. Just glad when names after names was announced. I was thinking how happy the student and parents might be. As for me... I will keep to my corner.

"Ibu, there's only two more names." said Damia when suddenly I heard his name announced.

Nothing can describe how I felt at that moment. I was elated all the while thanking the AlMighty. I looked for my husband. I can see tears coming down. We hugged each other, very thankful and at the same time glad for Danish.

Congratulations my Darling! You have set a benchmark for your brothers and sister. Hopefully they will follow your footsteps.

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