Friday, February 26, 2010

Look Who's Cooking :-D

I have been busy lately.  Time flies quickly. I am already into the sixth week of Semester 2.  And it is Reading Week this week meaning there is no class, no lecture to attend and no lab session.  Reading Week is designed for us students to revise what we have covered so far. So, in order not to be left out and as an early preparation for the coming Exam after the Easter holidays, it is only wise to do the revision now.  Well, I did and still am revising - which means I have a lot more questions to ask the lecturers the coming week than before. And I have progressed in my Minitab exercises too - too bad my 30 day trial period will be over tomorrow. Anyway, life has to go on - Minitab or no Minitab.  Why do I bother so much about Minitab? Because the Minitab application will carry 60% of the overall 5QM assessment.

Well, enough for that.  One of my husband's colleagues at the Two Sisters Factory is Abbas - He came to Dundee about 7 years ago - right from the foot of K2 in Pakistan. His full time job? Hmm... he's a Chef with The Gulistan House.  My husband had on numerous occasions told me how good his briyani and pilao rice are. To which I made no comment - he is a Chef - of course he cook good food.  Hey! I never tasted his briyani or pilao rice before....

But yesterday, my husband managed to kidnap him from the comfort of his home to our little kitchen.  And, guess what? We (my husband rather) managed to get a first hand free cooking lesson from the kind Chef.  And the verdict? I have never tasted a pilao rice so soft and tasty - Abbas also taught my husband how to cook Chicken Curry (yeah.... the one without coconut milk which we were used to back home). The Curry? Fantastic.  Would you like a peek?

               Azmi and Abbas strike a pose while busy cooking

                                          Pilao Rice

                                          Chicken Curry

Well, due to our enthusiasm of trying Abbas' pilao and curry, none of us remember to take any snap of the food on our plate! Burrrppp!!!

(Source of Image : K2 Peak from

Sunday, February 21, 2010

An Afternoon at Broughty Ferry

Hmmm... studying is the big chunk of my life now - Anyway, it is my decision to go back to school - So, it is me who has to make sure that I got through - and well! But, when the pressure is UP - Yeah.... like I still can't get a sensible result for my Minitab exercise even after more than 6 trials (which seems like a zillion to me!), I do need to chill out.

Yesterday (Saturday) though it snowed the night before, turned out to be a beautiful sunny day.  My son Hakim had on many occasions nagged his Baba to go fishing. So, yesterday, taking advantage of the sunny day, we made a short fishing trip to Broughty Ferry.

And here some of the shots taken :

                 Dad & Children - May looked sunny but it is cold

                                       All the four of them

             Hakim pretending that he's a co-Star in Robson Green's
             Extreme Fishing!!!

           Actually I am not quite sure what this structure is for :-D

                                         Mom & Children

So! Where are the shots on fishing? Well,... it is cold there sitting by the sea waiting for the fish to nib at the bait - So.... I took Danish, Mia and Aqil to the town ( about 10 minutes walk and that's counting Aqil's small steps).  We managed to get ourselves five books including Doctor Who Annual from Cancer Research UK and Oxfam - all for £2.09p.  Too bad, we can't managed to check into Sue Ryder, PDSA and Children 1st - wonder what we can get from these shops - oh yes, by the way, all the shops mentioned here are charity shops.  We love to pop in them - you can get a real good bargain for the second hand books!

And for our next trip, I will take shots of the town - it is small but somehow, it feels like something out of a children's storybook.

Ahhh... back to fishing... No luck this time! Perhaps the fish are enjoying the sun too! Bah..!

Just as we left yesterday, I managed to capture this. It may not be a good shot but this kind of scenery sure makes my day! :-D

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Very Brief Unplanned Trip

It is Sunday today and since it was re-opened a few weeks ago, we were back to our previous Sunday trip - where else but Errol Airfield - the Most Happening place to us - at least it is true as far as our household is concerned. :-D

And this time, we went there with two other families - Taufik/Aeni (our Tok Penghulu) and Azhar/Fiza (who finally got their car yesterday - such, it was a first family trip for them).

Well, enough said, our trip to Errol went without incident - everyone was excited as there are more car booties this week than the previous.  And the weather? Sunny though a little cold - but not as bitter - in short, bearable. My best find today? A three-tiered wooden drawer for £4. We also managed a large size Teddy Bear, a smaller pink rabbit, two duvet sets, four pillow cases, two new pillows, a pair of brown pants for Aqil, a newish sweater for Danish, a purple notebook, a collared T-Shirt and a pair of trousers for Mi - Guess what? All these for just £1 - not bad huh? It's a stall which sells everything-you-can-fit-in-a-bag for £1. And today, we were given the big garbage bag by the stall owner and we went crazy! Trust me - it's kind of theraputic! And finally, Mi managed to get himself a new pair of trainer to replace the one which was stolen at Edinburgh Mosque last Boxing Day.

Just before we left Errol, Tok Penghulu suggested for us to detour to St Andrews before going home. Everyone agreed.  So, off we went to St Andrews. And this time, the weather is so much better and we stopped by at the beach.  Here are some of the photos taken :

                                          All 6 of Us! :-D

                                          Taufik/Aeni's Lot

                                          Azhar/Fiza's Household

                    Letting our hair hangs down? :-D Technically

                             I really love the above two photos!!!

              Fathi - He refused to leave until his photos were taken
              Cute huh? :-D

               Aqil - Wanted to strike a pose but worried as his
               friends were leaving

Well, though it was not a planned trip, which we did not prepare any picnic basket, we have to leave early. But enough to keep the children happy - you see, short as it may be, they were quite eager to get into the car - it started getting colder.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sleeping...not so Beauty

I am not sure if I had earlier mentioned that Aqil will sleep any time he is sleepy.  And it doesn't matter where. One time when he was about a year and a half old, he slept while I was bathing him - Nope! I am not lying! Until now, I found it quite unbelievable - how could someone sleep while bathing??? Well, anyway, Aqil could.

Aqil is into playing the pc games stage now. It is so.... difficult to get him to eat while he is in front of the pc - he refuses to stop (every time!) - how I wish he will continue having this kind of concentration when he is studying later. 

Anyway, last night, after a few "battles" with him, he finally agreed to have his dinner.  And not five minutes later I found him like this  :


Yes... his right hand smeared with rice and curry and as he fell into that position (he was sitting earlier) his left hand dropped into the plate!

And not so long after that....

Felt like a sleepy spell was blowing into our home.  But Mia has an excuse - she is down with fever. Hopefully she will get well before school re-opens next Tuesday.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Not so perfect birthday & Certificate of Merit

Well, Mia's birthday fell on Tuesday this week. But instead of having a cheerful clear face she had a bruised although still cheerful face.

The story? She fell while running with a few friends in the playground - what more can I say? She came back that day with cuts on her face and knee.  Gladly the teachers had cleaned the cuts and put a band aid on her knee.

Did I mentioned about the Burns Week? Among the activities are recitation of Burns' poems. Though Mia entered as well, she did not win for her category (but she's OK with that - she forgotten the two middle lines of Cat & Mous.  However, Danish & Hakim are much luckier - they received the Certificate of Merit from the Robert Burns World Federation Limited.

Danish did not just won the Certificate but also chosen as the Pupil of the Week.  He recited the Robert Burns poem entitled "Address To A Haggis".  Hakim recited "A Dug A Dug"

This makes me wonder though.  Perhaps, our schools back home should celebrate our own Sasterawan as well - how many of our younger generations today have read the writings of Usman Awang, Tongkat Waran, Khadijah Hashim and Arenawati to name a few? Maybe some efforts has to be taken to do these Sasterawan justice....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

National Assessment - Maths

I was quite shocked when Hakim came back with this Certificate last Friday :

I always asked my children what do they learn and what their activities are at school on a daily basis. So, I thought I am well-informed of their school life.  However, Hakim never inform me about having sat for a test or anything of that nature. So, when he came back with the above I was not prepared. But it is such a sweet surprise.

So, what is this National Assessment? I'm not sure but apparently there are three subjects under the National Assessment - Maths, English and Science. There will be Level A - Level F appropriated to which level a student is.  For a P5 pupil, it is Level C. That's about all that I know about it. And Hakim managed to get through it with another 3 of his classmates.  So, I think I should just be glad for him.